Who I Work With

I work with people from a variety of backgrounds that are seeking genuine growth and learning.
For many, that means coming to me in order to...

  • Establish their own truths

  • Learn honesty as a practice

  • Question their own thought processes in order to grow from them

  • Have a safe space for honest conversation

  • Practice pushing and expanding boundaries or thought processes

  • Cultivate growth in relationships

  • Grow in love and understand, of themselves and the world around them

This can come in a variety of forms, from an individual wanting to learn about themselves in order to grow as a person, or multiple partners in a polyamorous relationship all coming together as a group for honest communication in a safe and honest space.

I work with clients who...

  • Are single and want help defining what it is they’re looking for in a partner and how to ask for it

  • Are coupled with another human and wanting to learn to grow their relationship, or need help communicating their needs and wants

  • Are a monogamous couple looking to learn how to ethically expand their relationship

  • Are in an ethically non-monogamous relationship needing help working through jealousy or other bumps in the road

  • Are mental health or medical professionals wanting to better serve their community through education

  • Are seeking guidance on how to communicate better in all relationships in their lives

If you are seeking to learn more about how to practice open and honest communication of your needs within a relationship, The Growth Arc can help. I seek to foster a safe place for honesty and education, whether you come to me as an individual or a group.


Schedule a Consultation!

Looking forward to meeting you and understanding where you're at on your story's arc. Whether you're reaching out as an individual or coming to me with your partners I'm excited for a brief 'get to know ya' chat! These chats can take place over a video chat platform (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom) or over the phone!

Depending on your schedule we can chat for 15- 30 mins to take some time for us to get to know each other. The best indication of success is going to be the relationship we create, so I love to make sure that the people I work with feel as comfortable as possible! I'll take time to ask the right questions to make sure we leave each other with an idea of your goals for our time together.

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The Growth Arc — when one overcomes an internal opposition (insecurities, fear, the past etc.) while facing an external opposition, and as a result they become a fuller, better person.