About Andy.

Image credit:  Hanna Voxland

Image credit: Hanna Voxland

Growth Arc — [definition]: When one overcomes an internal opposition (insecurities, fear, the past, etc.) while facing an external opposition and, as a result, becomes a fuller, better person.

My Story.

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. I’m Andy. I’m a mom, an educator, an activist, a human, and a lover.

My background is in education. I’ve been teaching in 7-12 public schools for eight years and my M.A. degree is in Educational Leadership in Human Development. It was during my master’s program that I found the tools for ‘successful’ polyamory and wanted to find a way to teach those tools to anyone in relationships.

Finding the non-monogamous lifestyle changed my life completely. Through many learning experiences, I’ve come to find non-monogamy to be a frame of mind, a practice of life -- principles in which to live your life, rather than a relationship structure.

I’m not perfect.

It has been through a great deal of practicing to clearly communicate what I need to the people in my life that I have been able to let go of past habits and live an ethical lifestyle. This practice has translated to the other aspects of my professional and personal lives, in the classroom, and into every interaction I have with anyone.

I believe everyone deserves to be working towards happy in all relationships in their lives. Whether these relationships are ones with friends, family members, co-workers, lovers, spouses, or children.

That’s what brought me to create The Growth Arc. I have seen firsthand the positive influence that relationship coaching can have, and has had in my own life. By having a space to be honest with yourself, you can start the (often difficult) journey to being honest with communicating your needs to others.

While practicing non-monogamy has helped me accomplish this most fully, I understand that isn’t the path for everyone. I also work with monogamous couples and individuals to help accomplish the same goals of education, honesty, and truth-seeking.  


Andy’s support and guidance was invaluable as my husband and I began to open up our marriage. We met virtually every week, plus texted at times to check in. I would recommend The Growth Arc to anyone interested in pursuing an open relationship but feeling lost in emotions or simply unsure of how to approach one.
— L
Thank you for listening. Even sharing like this, while a touch terrifying for me, is cathartic.
— B.
I have learned so much about who I was from Andy. She was the one who showed me that it was okay to be open about your sexuality and open about what you want, even if it goes against the norm.
Learning that non-monogamy can work in adult relationships was a breakthrough for me. Although I didn’t have a sheltered childhood, everyone always looked at me strangely when I said, from age 14, that I wanted both a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
As a closeted bisexual who thought that she was all kinds of fucked up, it was liberating to learn the truth that non-monogamy can work if everyone is clear about what they want and are willing to work hard for it.
From a very young age, we’re taught that one person is supposed to be your everything. Your best friend, your lover and your confidante.
However, that’s a huge burden to put on another human being. It wasn’t until this was pointed out to me that I started to consider alternate options such as non-monogamy.
For this knowledge, I can’t thank her enough for reassuring me, not that it was her intention or anything, that there are alternative ways of thinking and that it’s all okay. Andy is very knowledgeable and intelligent. I would definitely recommend you learn from her wisdom.
— c