Why 'growth arc'?

It took me f o r e v e r to decide what I was going to call this project of mine. Choosing words is always a battle for me. I'll argue syntax, connotation, denotation, and etymology all day with the best of them. I mulled over possibilities and then it hit me- stories! I need something that aligns my passion as a k-12 educator AND my desire to help people grow! 

I stumbled upon the definition for the popular story arc, a Growth Arc, and knew immediately that this was my brand. In literature a story that follows a growth arc is one in which a character overcomes an internal opposition (insecurities, fear, the past etc.) while facing an external opposition, and as a result,  they become a fuller, better person. 

While working to be who I am today I was doing exactly that! I was battling past trauma, shame, and fear of abandonment while also facing the external pressure of societal expectations for how I "should" live. It was pushing through these oppositions that I learned to not repeat a trauma cycle, rid myself of shame, and allow those in my life who love me for who I am and became a fuller, better human being. 

We're all at different spots in our growth arcs. Allow me to help you grow on yours.